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The IIC provides links to various resources that may be of value to members. Check here for the very latest in resource material for the use of the membership.

TheIIC Artwork

The IIC Artwork Downloads

The IIC seal and logo are available for download here for use in personalizing your desktop, screensaver or other aspects of your digital environment. There will be additional IIC art available in the near future, so check back often for updates.

To download, right click on any of the examples of TheIIC art and click "save as" and save it to your computer. 

Brand Standards

TheIIC Brand Standards are designed to help you promote yourself and your affiliation with TheIIC. In this section you will find information on which logos to use and technical guidelines for how to use them.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important for all IIC members to adhere to these guidelines when using TheIIC brand materials. Due to the efforts of many dedicated and certified anti-fraud professionals, TheIIC brand is associated with credibility, integrity and professionalism. Following these guidelines will help ensure that TheIIC continues to have these positive associations and that you get the most value from your IIC membership.

We ask that you follow these standards precisely. If you have any questions about these brand standards or how a logo should be used in a particular application, contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Please read the licensing agreement below before you download and use art from TheIIC.

IIC Licensing Agreement: The following items are available for the exclusive use of IIC members in Good Standing. Member in Good Standing is defined as a member who is current in the payment of their annual fees for membership and certification. Any member weho fails to maintain their membership and certification must cease using any of the following items as of their termination/suspension date. These items may be used only to identify the member as a member of the IIC. Items marked "Certified" can only be used by members who are holding the CICA or CCS professional certification designation . The items are NOT for use by companies but are limited to the members only. Any use of the seal or logo that can be misrepresented as affiliated with the IIC without the permission of the IIC Chairman is prohibited and can be considered a fraudulent misrepresentation.


 Gold Seal Transparent Background, full size IIC_Logo Transparen
Background,full size

Background, full size

TheIIC Screensavers and Backgrounds

 TheIIC screen saver with logo - med blue - CICA v2 -full size widescreen 


 IIC Seal Screen Background-Blue waves-16x9 widescreen.jpg


IIC Seal Screen Background-Blue waves full size.jpg



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