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TheIIC Privacy Policy

Note: By using our website you agree to and accept the privacy policy below.

The Institute for Internal Controls, Inc. (TheIIC) does not share any member or non-member information with any outside organization without the knowledge and permission of the member or non-member, except as disclosed below.

TheIIC may share limited information such as emails and contact information with local chapters. Use of this service is limited to advising members of organizational activities of the local chapter or opportunities to join the local chapter.
Members will have the opportunity to opt out of any such contact by emailing

You may ask to be deleted/opt-out from our mailing list. Options available include using the unsubscribe option available on group emails or emailing TheIIC at with the subject line labeled “UNSUBSCRIBE”. Active members are advised that opting out of our mailing list may prevent members from receiving important information from TheIIC. Notice is made that TheIIC is a GREEN organization and limits all physical mailings other than those required such as invoicing, certificates, membership cards, and the like.

TheIIC utilizes outside vendors such as Affinipay to process credit card payments. Such activities are subject to the privacy policies of the credit card processors. The credit card processor does not share any credit card information with TheIIC other than information necessary to process the payment including name, address, and email used to acknowledge payment. No credit card data is provided to TheIIC by the credit card processor.

Any credit card information provided directly by the member or non-member to TheIIC due to the decision by the individual not to use PayPal or other credit card processors is immediately shredded or deleted after confirmation of payment is processed. TheIIC does not maintain any credit card information on our server or individual computers.

We do not use cookies to retain information on members or non-members.

Contact information: If you wish to contact us regarding our privacy policy, email


Member - A member is an individual who has applied to TheIIC for membership and certification and has been approved. Membership may be active or non-active.

Non-memberA non-member is an individual who has provided information to TheIIC voluntarily in order to obtain information from TheIIC such as inclusion on TheIIC’s mailing list.

Mailing listthis includes both physical mailings and use of emails.


The Institute for Internal Controls keeps your information locked up and strictly confidential at all times! 

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