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Welcome to the Institute for Internal Controls "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

Get answers to questions about membership, becoming a CICA/CCS, CPE credit, local and student chapters, and much, much more!

 General Questions

What is the Certification via the Grandfathering Provision?

Many professional certification organizations build an experienced membership by recruiting highly experienced candidates who mean the education and expertise needed for certification. it should be noted that organizations including the IIA (CIA) ISACA (CISA), AICPA (CGMA), among others have offered certification as described above. With this, TheIIC has build a highly experienced professional group of internal controls professionals. Our average member has more than 10 years experience in various areas of internal controls. Ninety-nine percent have undergraduate degrees and more than thirty percentage have graduate degrees. To accommodate candidates who do not meet the minimum requirements for certification under the grandfathering provision, in 2019 TheIIC will begin the Certification via Curriculum program and the Certification via Examination program under the Associate Member program.

How long does it take to process my application for Certification under the Grandfathering provision?

Details for processing applications and if approved, certificates, can be found in the instructions section of the application. Note that applications are reviewed by the Nominations Committee at the meeting subsequent to received of the application and payment. The Committee meets on the 15th and last day of each month. The Committee's decision is emailed from the Office of the Chairman within 30 days of the meeting. Certificates are mailed out approximately 30 to 60 days after approval. Delivery is dependent on the type of mail service used. Note for international mail that there is NO tracking once the package departs the USPS overseas facility.

Do I have to renew my membership and certification?

Yes, as is customary for most professional certifications, you must renew your membership and certification annually, in the month of the anniversary of your grant. Note that the expiration date of your current membership is included on your membership card. Invoices are typically mailed via USPS first class mail to our preferred mailing address approximately 30 to 60 days prior to your expiration date. Starting in 2019 notices for renewal will be emailed to your preferred email address on file.

Where is my certificate mailed to?

As part of our due diligence process all certificates are mailed directly to your workplace. It is highly advised that you include your department or mail code if available and advise your mail department personnel of expected delivery. Post Office boxes should be provided if applicable. In countries where mail service is unreliable, it is highly suggested that courier service be ordered.

How do I become an Associate Member?

Associate membership is limited in individuals who do not qualify for CICA or CCS certification under the grandfathering clause and who are interested in completing the certification via examination or certification via curriculum programs. To join the institute as an Associate member you must complete the application and make payment online. Note that Associate Membership must be renewed annually until completion of one of the certification programs selected.


Can I use the as a CICA or CCS designation while I am an Associate Member?

NO, you cannot hold yourself out as a CICA or CCS while you are an Associate Member.  


Where can I get an application for Associate Membership?

You can complete the application online at this website. Forms are available at the Membership/Certification tab or through the "How to Become a CICA/CCS" webpage.


Local Chapter Questions


How do I start a LOCAL chapter?

The Institute for Internal Controls does not have any formal procedures for starting a local chapter. The template for doing so usually is based on local members getting together and forming their own plan to do so. The institute will provide guidance to members who want to establish a local chapter. We recommend that as the first step you create an organization committee to develop your specific plan. Due to privacy issues, the Institute for Internal Controls does not provide any personal information on our members; however, we would forward emails to members in your area to inform them about the new local chapter and provide them with your contact information. All chapters must be approved by the Board of the Institute for Internal Controls. Details on starting a local chapter including guidelines and petition forms are available on the Members Only Portal of this website.


How do I start a STUDENT chapter?

Student chapters can only be formed by faculty at their school. Educators interested in starting student chapters should contact the Office of the Chairman directly at


Continuing Education / CPE Credits

What are the continuing education requirements to maintain my CICA/CCS designation?

Effective January 1, 2005, 40 hours of CPE credits are required to maintain your CICA/CCS designation each biennial period (every two years), commencing the year following your award of the CICA or CCS designation. All of these hours must be in internal controls areas of study as outlined in the Body of Knowledge (see academic curriculum for certification). Details of the CPE requirements are available at the Training page on our website.  Click here to download policy


What if I get more than 40 hours in one biennial period? Can I roll them over to the next biennial period?

No, you will not be permitted to roll-over CPE credit hours.


How do I report my CPE credits?

The Institute for Internal Controls does not require formal reporting of specific CPE credit hours at this time. However, you will be required to certify that you are in compliance with CPE requirements upon the annual renewal of your CICA/CCS membership with the institute as noted on the annual renewal invoice.  In addition, you may be asked to provide proof of CPE if you are selected for a random audit or if you are involved in a disciplinary proceeding.

Can I use CPE credits earned from other designations for my CICA/CCA designation?

Yes. We will accept CPE credit from other organizations as long as the courses meet the following requirements: class must meet in a formal setting, have an instructor, a written course outline, attendance that is required and recorded, and finally a certificate of completion must be issued. The Institute readily accepts credit earned from formal classes, postgraduate college courses not being applied towards an undergraduate degree, correspondence and self-study courses, authoring an article or instructing a class, and attending local chapter meetings. Note that there may be maximum credits allowed for these categories. For additional information, see the CPE Policy located on the Training page of our website.

What happens if I do not satisfy TheIIC CPE requirements?

If you do not meet the biennial requirements for completion of the CPE requirements you must notify the Office of the Chairman. Upon approval by the Chairman or VP of Membership you will be given six months to meet the requirements. If you do not, then your certification will be suspended until you meet the requirements. Note that any addition CPEs earned under this authorization cannot be carried forward to the subsequent biennial period.

Recognition of the TheIIC, CICA and CCS

Are  TheIIC and the CICA and CCA designations recognized?

There is no formal recognition process in the U.S. for recognizing professional certifications in accounting/auditing other the CPA, which is actually a license to practice accounting, administered by the various states in the U.S.


Are TheIIC and the CICA and CCA designations recognized for exemption in taking Part IV of the CIA exam?

No, the IIA does not recognize any certification from any organization that is earned via the Grandfathering provision. They will consider applications for recognition only from organizations that grant certification based on passage of an examination. It should be noted that the CFE designation was not recognized by the IIA for almost 15 years due to this limitation.


I live in the Middle East and have found delays in receiving mail from the U.S. Can I have my certificate shipped to me via courier service?

Yes, we can ship certificates via courier service, but the cost must be paid by the member. Certificate mailings in the U.S. are via US Postal Service Priority Mail which typically is 2-3 days and is tracked. For mailings outside of the US we utilize first class mail. Note that typically there is no tracking one the package departs the USPS overseas facility. We have found that the promised 10- day delivery is subject to country conditions and that service in certain areas such as the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia may take as much as 60 days. Also, we have experienced a high rate of non delivery of certificates in these areas. Alternatively, we can provide courier service to any country outside of the US. Courier service provides tracking and guaranteed delivery within one week; however, this service is expensive and the cost prohibitive for general purposes by TheIIC. Members can ask for courier service on an individual basis by paying the cost of the courier service. Members should email for an estimate of the cost of using courier service.


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